Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nuts 'n' Bolts and a Bistro Set

I have wanted a bistro set for a long time.  There is something cozy and comforting about a small table and chairs tucked into a secluded space, something inviting and relaxing.  I look at them, but never seem to find the right one, at the right price.

Recently there was a Groupon Goods offer for a bistro set for $109, regularly $209.  It looked pretty cute, had the requisite curliness, but without things like ladybugs or hummingbirds or anything else that I am not especially enamored with thematically.  But still, I am not an impulse buyer.  I waited for Mr. AC to come home and asked if he thought it would be ok.  I had investigated the source website and it looked like a good deal.

But, because I snoozed, by the time I hit 'buy' it was sold out.  They sold 450 of these in less than a day.  At least the darker colored one that I wanted.  But they still had ones they called 'antique white'.  Well, ok, I can do antique white.  So I bought.

When it came, it was not really white, but instead a rather sandy color, the same color in the bricks of our house.  So quite a good match!  I was very excited to put it together.  So excited I decided to mostly do it myself.

So here is the story, scrapped with Maya de Groot's Nuts 'n' Bolts alpha and papers. Bistro Nuts & Bolts Additional credits - Maya de Groot Not So Basic: Blacks and Contrast.

I am quite pleased with the purchase.  The alcove outside the front door is protected from the wind so very warm and sunny, the perfect place for afternoon tea or just a break to get warm and listen to the fountains.

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