Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Bunny Tail

It being Easter, it seems appropriate to create a page about a bunny.  It's funny that there are so many bunny statues in the neighborhood.  Is it an acknowledgement of the inevitable or a tribute to the critters?

I especially like this tall bunny statue that looks like he is scratching his back on a tree.  If he were mine, I would paint a blue jacket on him with gold buttons.

I also love this weeping cherry tree and admire it every time I pass.  It is just now coming into bloom.  I took the photo late in the day, so the strong sunshine caused it to appear almost sepia-toned, which I found rather lovely.

The pages was created as an AnnaLift of a similarly toned/colored page.
AnnaLift 0412 Easter Bunny  
Credits: From Anna Aspnes: Anna Sampler No 2, ArtPlay Palettes Ablaze, Ablaze Freebie, Barren Sunrise and Sweet Christmas, Winter Frame Transfers No 1, Numbered Overlays No 1, Warm Glows No 1. From Charlize Creations, Now Brewing Stacked Paper Freebie. Font is Harrington, quote is from the Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

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