Monday, April 30, 2012

Catalog Inspiration

Written for the Oscraps blog today:

I love browsing through magazines and catalogs, especially home dec or clothing catalogs that are photographed in interesting places. It's hard for me to recycle these, thinking I might just want them for inspiration some day. 

Last week I talked about some of the frame treatments I am seeing in current catalogs and junk mail. Today I thought I would touch on some color, pattern and theme trends. 

This is an inspiration board from a Calico Corners catalog. I loved the colors, the mix of patterns, the textures, and the themes. I decided it would be a fun exercise to put together some digital goodies to support this inspiration board.


To the O-shop I go! First, the seafoam/turquoise colors, so soft and fresh! Right there on the front page of the shop, I found this lovely paper collection from Charlize Creations featuring some soft and pretty blue/seafoam papers, and a wonderful stripe!   

This lovely ArtPlay Palette Wander from Anna Aspnes also features these colors, and oh look, the fish and the seashells!


Now I wanted some roses...a simple search, 'rose', did the trick. Boy Meets Girl from Vicki Stegal gave me not only the perfect rose clusters, but some rosy pink colors as well.

 More perfect colors, more pretty roses, in Beloved from Jennifer Labre.   

 Now where to find a plaid...this is where it helps to 'know your designers'. For geometric patterned papers, I go straight to Ashalee Wall!

Or, digging a little deeper, I found this wonderful plaid hidden in this An Autumn Affair to Remember kit from Creations by Tinamaria:

 Now I need me some animal about these Wild Thangs tags and frames from Joanne Brisbois?

 I could not pass up more beachy elements, as I LOVE beachy elements. These Beach Clusters Element Pack from Joanne Brisbois would make a beachy page a snap to create!  

Joanne must love the beach as I do, for her shop is full of beachy beauty, like this from the a la plage collection. 

Notice there is some textured fabric in the inspiration photo. I love the rough textures of burlap, a current trend! I found this wonderful textured 'Naturally Woven' alpha from Danielle Young.  

The facing page from the Calico Corners magazine featured a letter sporting the animal print.   

To achieve this design addition to your page, choose any of the hundreds of alphas available in the O shop to fit the mode and design of your page, the chunkier the better. I like this Classic Letter Alpha from Kitty Designs.

Or use a font you like, type out your title and rasterize it. Then simply clip the animal print paper of your choice to it. OK, I have to admit, I had some trouble finding an animal print. I am sure they exist, but my searches were not turning up the print I was looking for, so I made one. 

Click on the preview to be taken to a page to download this free animal print in the four colors from the inspiration photo - beige, brown, rose and teal. These papers can be tweaked via a hue/saturation layer to achieve the colors you want in your page. 

 And finally, putting my scrapping where my words are, here is what I put together to match the inspiration.

 Unsure of color, design or trends? Let the experts help you! You don't have to save tons of paper, just rip out some 'tear sheets' and reach for them whenever you are feeling a little stuck. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the gallery!

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