Friday, March 2, 2012

The Week in Scrapbooking

I have been busy working on my 2011 blog book.  Unfortunately, both programs I have previously used for the annual printing of my blog have somewhat failed me.  I am disappointed.  But it helped me to make a decision.  If it is as much work to write the blog book as it is to blog, perhaps I will just go straight to the book.

Still thinking about this, and of course I will use this space to showcase the wonderful designers who have been kind enough to entrust me with positions on their creative teams!

Meanwhile, I have two new releases to feature today, so I have scrapbook pages to show.

First, from Jen Maddocks, Amethist Lane.  This kit being predominantly purple, I searched for a purple photo, and came up with this wonderful card that Ms AC made me for my birthday.  I have physically scrapped this card to keep it safe and preserved, but decided to capture a lot of it and my thoughts digitally as well, for it was quite special to me.

Birthday &
Created with Jen Maddocks Amethist Lane, Parchment, School Dayz and Venerable, plus Dido Designs Earth Song, Oscraps Collab Family, and Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Special One and Festive.

Look at all these pretty colors and elements...I do hope I get to do more with this kit, but so many beautiful kits, and so little time these day, with too much work!

Jan Maddocks Amethist Lane

Next, from Maya de Groot, Aero Toni, with lots of wonderful blues and grays.
First to use the blue, an apple blossom picture from early in February.  This is the tree on the warm and protected side of the house that blooms first in the "spring".

Apple Blossoms Aero Toni

And to use the gray, a little story about a teddy bear found sitting on top of a wall as we went for a walk up Toulon Hill.

Teddy Aero Toni

Maya de Groot Aero Toni 

As I look at these pages, I find I may be in somewhat of a template rut, for on all three pages I placed a photo in the middle right, framed it, and surrounded it with stuff. Just instinct, never really thought about it.  And I like them all, very much. Perhaps for the next pages I work on, I will use an actual template to take me away from this rut, however satisfying it might be.

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