Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 9-and-a-Quarter

We accomplished a lot yesterday, helping Ms AC get off Twin Peaks.  I don't often spend 2-3 hour straight cleaning.  Then with the excitement of exploring the Haight, the long drive home, shopping, unloading the car and the thousands of steps necessary to put everything away, I was tired last night.  Probably too tired to scrap, but I really wanted to work on my weeklies.

Although I have not used a new Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Template for each week, since her Week 9 template had balloons in it, I decided I needed it to scrap Ms AC's birthday week.

And so I opened it up and started plopping the photos in place.  Then I did all sorts of things to add color to the page.  Then I added a little journaling for each day.  The final thing I wanted to do was highlight the dates, so I added the stars.  Then I said, wait, there are 9 days highlighted, oh, there are 9 photos in this template, oh good grief, I have run right into week 10.

But I love the page, so not sure I want to go to the trouble of changing it to only have 7 photos on it, especially since many of the background colors and elements were chosen specifically to support the photos.
While contemplating this dilemma, here is the week-and-a-quarter version.

Week 9 
Additional credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Crazy Life and Everyday, Anna Aspnes Project 366 Word Art No 1

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