Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tahoe Blue

I bug and annoy and cajole until I get the pictures I want.  But I think it is justified, because I use them and turn them into art.  And I have great fun in the process!

One of the pictures from Ms AC's trek to the cabin at Tahoe, on a beautiful bluebird day.  I used this as the subject for an AnnaLift, attempting to convey cold yet sunshine, the hot and cold of blue, and some amount of action.  I wonder if I succeeded?

AnnaLift 0315 Tahoe 
Credits:All from Anna Aspnes: Artsy Blenz Snow Paperie, Hipster Plume Clipping Masks No 1, Winter Frame Transfers No 1, ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate, Mini Palette Mint Winter ArtPlay Palette Photographie, Magic FotoBlenz Album 1

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