Monday, March 5, 2012

Suess Land Part 2

More Seussland pictures, these from the Green Eggs and Ham breakfast stand, which was closed in the afternoon when we walked through, but still made for some good pictures.    Note the beautiful blue sky...the weather was so good while we were there.  I made this page for the copycat challenge at Oscraps, using the provided template, which had two fuzzy large masks.

I merged the masks to get one large picture, blended onto a perfectly colored background paper from Maya de Groot's Backpackers 1.

The most fun thing was attempting to create title word art to match the "Green Eggs and Ham".  I used the font Alfredo Heavy Hollow, outlined it, filled it, warped it, then made a copy in the reddish color, moved the copy and shadowed it.  It's not perfect, but gives the same feel I think.  After I was done, I realized the place is called Seuss Landing, not Seuss Land, but I did not want to make the word art all over again.  I used the same warping pattern on the text.  And note the Seuss hat in the bottom extraction!

Green Eggs Copycat 
Full credits: Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Album 1A, Anna Aspnes Anna Sampler No 2, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life, Dido Designs Queen Freebie, Oscrapbs Collab Soiree, Maya de Groot Backpackers Set 1

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