Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Flowers Shutterfly Book

Got an email this week from Shutterfly, telling me I have a free 8x8 photo book. Although I prefer 12x12 books, I also prefer "free". Question was, what to put in the free book. 

I thought I would collect some recent layouts into a book, starting with pages from this year since I did a pretty big print recently with Persnickety. I thought of all the recent floral pages I've done with so many beautiful new spring kits. But counting them up, I only had 14 pages. I thought about this several days, then came up with the idea to fill in the additional pages with flower pictures from the same shoots that were in some of the pages. Before that, I created two more pages with new kits from Jen Maddocks, and before long, I had this 20 page book. 

I stuck with simple on the covers to get it done quickly, since the coupon expired in just 2 more days. 

I love how this turned out and can't wait to see it printed. 

And just before I hit the confirm button, I noticed a free-shipping coupon on my desk from the last book I bought at Shutterfly. Total cost of this beautiful project? $0.00! I like free.

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