Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Haight, Part 3

More, and perhaps the last, at least from the first visit, to the Haight, this time using Maya de Groot's Nuts 'n' Bolts papers, with Maya's Not So Basic: Blacks.

There is this cool old-fashioned hardware store, Robert's Hardware, and they have everything like old-fashioned hardware stores are wont to do.  There is this section of wires of all gauges and coatings, and the coolest mechanical measuring and cutting machine.  I love old-fashion mechanical measuring machines, especially the ones they used to have at the 5 and dime stores for measuring fabric.  There is something fascinating about them with their dial faces and turning parts.

Well, this cool gold gadget needed its picture taken and incorporated into another story about the Haight.

Haight Nuts n Bolts 

 I am not sure how else I will use these cool papers, but I know I must!

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