Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mystery Scraplift

Yesterday's challenge at the Oscraps Birthday Bash was a mystery scraplift.  I have never done such a challenge before, and have to admit I was pretty lost.

The idea is someone is thinking of a page, and people get to ask yes/no questions about it, trying to figure out what page it is, or, just use the yes/no answers to create a page.

I never did find the page, although many were claiming to have identified the kit.  Perhaps the page was a kit preview, I am not sure.  But there were positive responses to its being predominantly yellow, with one square photo on the left, 5 papers total, and for embellishments, one button, word art and a bow.  The background paper was supposed to be a vertical stripe.

Looking through recent photos for something yellow, I came across the shot of my feet in the kayak on the Hanalei River, and went from there.  The instructions said there were no masks, blending, brushes or additional pictures, but we know I am not good at following directions.

Here is my page, using the Oscraps Collab Hellow Sunshine, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Sophistica, Find My Way 2, Photographie, Encapsulate, Crazy Life and Maya de Groot Contrast. Fonts are 215000E and Blackadder ITC.

Mystery Scraplift Kayaking

Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 11

With all the Oscraps birthday celebrating and all the pages made for the celebration and new products from all the designers, it has been hard to keep up my weeklies, but really all one needs to do is plop the 7 pictures in a well-made template, like so...

This is Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Template No 11, turned sideways to better accommodate my landscape photo of the sunset, from the back yard as usual, but no less beautiful even if these sunsets are plentiful.

Week 11

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Haight, Part 3

More, and perhaps the last, at least from the first visit, to the Haight, this time using Maya de Groot's Nuts 'n' Bolts papers, with Maya's Not So Basic: Blacks.

There is this cool old-fashioned hardware store, Robert's Hardware, and they have everything like old-fashioned hardware stores are wont to do.  There is this section of wires of all gauges and coatings, and the coolest mechanical measuring and cutting machine.  I love old-fashion mechanical measuring machines, especially the ones they used to have at the 5 and dime stores for measuring fabric.  There is something fascinating about them with their dial faces and turning parts.

Well, this cool gold gadget needed its picture taken and incorporated into another story about the Haight.

Haight Nuts n Bolts 

 I am not sure how else I will use these cool papers, but I know I must!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Extreme Layout Makeover

For Day 3 of the Oscraps birthday celebration, our challenge was to do a makeover of our 6th layout.

It seems like quite a while ago that I scrapped like mad as part of Biograffiti's challenge, my first challenge at Oscraps.  I made 17 layouts for that challenge, and won several prizes.  That was January of 2011, not all that long ago really, but a while in scrapping time and skills!

This was #6, and I like it, but was never sure about that big head pic of me against the Hollywood hills, especially since you cannot see the Hollywood sign.

Note to Self - California

So I left big head out of the makeover, and modernized it a bit with some ArtPlay.  I also returned the pictures to their crispness and used other elements to blend better.  Plus I think the frame helps to focus things a bit.

Yup, lovin' this life!

6th Makeover California

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tahoe Contrast

My Oscraps designers have been busy busy busy creating new products to feature during the Oscraps 6th Birthday Bash and Sale!

Here is another set of wonderful Contrast and Alpha goodies from Maya de Groot Designs.
The kit is called Paint 'n' Glitter Contrast and is full of wonderful black and white grunginess, including the stunning textured paper that is the background for this layout.

Tahoe Retreat Contrast

Here is the preview for this wonderful add-on to the Contrast kits I worked with last week.


As if that is not enough, then there is this awesome lacy alpha which worked so perfectly for titling the page.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Flowers Shutterfly Book

Got an email this week from Shutterfly, telling me I have a free 8x8 photo book. Although I prefer 12x12 books, I also prefer "free". Question was, what to put in the free book. 

I thought I would collect some recent layouts into a book, starting with pages from this year since I did a pretty big print recently with Persnickety. I thought of all the recent floral pages I've done with so many beautiful new spring kits. But counting them up, I only had 14 pages. I thought about this several days, then came up with the idea to fill in the additional pages with flower pictures from the same shoots that were in some of the pages. Before that, I created two more pages with new kits from Jen Maddocks, and before long, I had this 20 page book. 

I stuck with simple on the covers to get it done quickly, since the coupon expired in just 2 more days. 

I love how this turned out and can't wait to see it printed. 

And just before I hit the confirm button, I noticed a free-shipping coupon on my desk from the last book I bought at Shutterfly. Total cost of this beautiful project? $0.00! I like free.

Build your own high-quality photo books at

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oscraps hOp

Welcome to the Oscraps Hop!

This is my first birthday celebration at Oscraps as a Cheery-O, and I am so excited to be a part of this celebration!  Be sure to head over to the Birthday Forum and check out all the activities going on every day, including challenges, giveaways and a scrappin'-big party spirit!!

As part of the celebration, our amazing Designers and Cheery-O's have put together some goodies to complement our March collab, Soiree.

Here is my contribution, some journaling tags made from vintage French dictionary pages and elements from the Soiree kit.

Download here (or click image).

Here is the list of Hop participants: 

If you are hopping in order, you came from here:

You are now here:

And your next stop is here:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pixie Dust and a Castle

From Jennifer Labre Designs, a page full of dust was added to one of my photos of Cinderella's castle at night.  This was the first night we arrived and attended Mickey's Magical Christmas Party.  The castle kept changing the lighting colors and was mesmerizingly beautiful!
Note the repeated use of my favorite new brush, the dynamic azalea brush in CS5!

Castle Pixie Dust 

Here are the previews from these pretty purple and pixie dusty kits from Jennifer Labre Designs, available at Oscraps

Friday, March 23, 2012

Contrast in the Haight - Part 2

A new kit from Maya de Groot appropriately called Contrast is so perfect for the recent pictures from the new 'hood, the Haight.

This first one uses the simple photo of the intersection of Haight and Ashbury, such a famous intersection, evokes thoughts of so much history, and so I couldn't help thinking of Scott McKenzie's famous song.

The song has been stuck in my head for a week now, but what a great one to be stuck!

SF Contrast 1

And this next one, just some random shots from the neighborhood, including the gate to Ms AC's apartment, the hardware store downstairs and The Red Victorian.

The Red Victorian warrants further investigation on a next visit.  It is apparently
"a living peace museum and B&B in the heart of San Francisco's historic Haight Ashbury district. The Red Vic is a gathering place for travelers and San Franciscans alike who are excited to live, talk, learn, and teach ways to create a Peaceful World.
The Bed & Breakfast is a historical landmark offering 18 guest rooms. The Peaceful World Center promotes activities and conversations aimed at creating and living social change. The Peaceful World Café serves as a local gathering place for friends, food, drink and Events."

The Red Victorian is the only surviving turn of the 20th century hotel on Haight Street.

It was built in 1904 as an upstairs country resort hotel. People came from San Francisco by the Market Street cable car to take in the country air in the newly developed Golden Gate Park. When the Red Victorian was built, the Conservatory and the first children's public playground were already in the Park.

In 1967, the Summer of Love swept through the Haight-Ashbury District. The Red Victorian was in the center of it all - in the forefront of the Peace Movement, the Ecology Movement, and the Social Justice Movement. Today it stands as a hospitality center for people who work and believe in taking care of the Planet and each other.

Sami Sunchild came in 1977 and dedicated herself to preserving the historic landmark Red Victorian as a Living Museum, where people of the neighborhood and from all over the world find hospitality and friendship.

The 18 upstairs guest rooms of the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast commemorate the Summer of Love and Golden Gate Park. The Red Victorian is world famous and popular with educators, media people, artists, ecology-oriented and peace-oriented thinkers and world travelers.

 SF Contrast 2 

Here is the preview for this kit that has enabled me to relive moments from the Summer of Love and learn a bit more about the fascinating history of San Francisco.  This kit and all Maya's products are available exclusively at Oscraps.
Create some black and white memories today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Haight Story, Part 1

Last weekend we made our fist official visit to the Haight as Ms AC's new 'hood.  I was happily snapping pictures like a tourist.  But since there are so many tourists who visit this area, I was not at all out of place.

Like many others, I was struck by these legs sticking out of the second story window of this building, which turns out to be the Piedmont Boutique.

Thought it made a good subject for a simple scraplift in basically black & white with a touch of red.  The challenge of the scraplift was to use elements from three different designers.  

I used:
  • Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life for the overlays, peace sign transfers and grunginess
  • Maya de Groot Ooh La La for the frame, swirl and word art
  • Joanne Brisbois Count The Ways for the papers, Eiffel Tower, awning and fleur-de-lis
The page was featured as a Gallery Standout at DigiShop Talk on March 31.
Haight Scraplift

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I pride myself on being able to scrap all pictures, all styles.  While I love an artsy messy blendy grungy style, I also love a good-ole traditional page of Disneyana!

This kit is Little Cowboy from Simply Kelly Designs, so perfect for my pictures of Mr. Potato Head and the Toy Story parade from Hollywood Studios.

Mr. Potato Head
Additional credits - Simply Kelly Slightly Skewed Template, Little Stackers and Monkeying Around.

Toy Story Parade
Additional credits - Simply Kelly 4-Photo Template, Little Stackers; Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Girl Craze, KellyBell Designs Mickeyhead Freebie. 

How cute is Colin in his Woody outfit!!??  The Little Cowboy kit is available at Simply Kelly's store.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting Ready to Party

It's just 8 more days until the Oscraps 6th Birthday Party!  We have so many fun activities planned...challenges, scavenger hunts, mystery scraps and a hop, of which I will be a part, starting next Sunday the 25th of March.

As a Cheery-O I need to have my party gear ready in advance, so here is my decorated 6.  I thought long and hard about what to do with this cool "6" template broken into 6 pieces...favorite things?  That made me think flowers...all of these pictures were taken in the last week or so.  Then it occurred to me, the 6th is my birthday, and so the concept of flowers, birthday, flower child of the 60's all came together.
I only wish I had a picture of me from the 60's to complete this.  Maybe one day I'll come across one and add it on.

Deco 6 Flowers
I could not have pulled off this 60's flower child look without the help of Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Girl Crazy and Anna Aspnes Scribble Blooms. The alpha is from Vicki Stegal, part of the Oscraps collab Soiree. Font is Claudia Jean.

Meanwhile, I also needed a birthday avatar, so I added this picture of me in a mermaid cutout from Hanalei Village, rather fitting to the colors and theme of the Age of Aquarius.

6 Avatar Large

Scrapping is so much fun!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Tales

Oh I could write a book of Spring Tales.  Here are just two of the pages that would be in my book.

Spring Pink JMDesigns


This book was written with several new kits from Jen Maddocks, Spring Tales, I'm Torn 2 Amethist Lane, and Garden Party, all available at Zig Zag Scrap.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Disney Pics, 4-Photo Template from Simply Kelly

Another of the last Disney pics to be scrapped, another of the Disney Photopass pics, this one taken on the first night we arrived, in front of the castle.  The date is wrong on this page, but I did correct it in the was December 18, 2011.

And another new template  from Simply Kelly and more of that great red polka dotted paper from Simply Kelly's My Girl kit.

Disney 4-Photo
Additional credits: Britt-ish Designs Mouse in the House, KellyBell Designs MickeyHead Brads and Facebook Fan Freebie, No Rheimer Reason Remember the Magic, agrievingmommy Minnie, Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Album

Here is the preview for this great template, so easy to use, available exclusively at Scrapable.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Designer Tags Coming Soon

I am excited!  I have designed some journaling tags to be given away as part of the Oscraps Birthday hop coming on March 25th.

It's my first hop and my first Oscraps birthday as a Cheery-O.

Look what I did!  Maybe a little rough around the edges but hey, it is free, and I have to start somewhere.

It'll be live and available for download in a couple of weeks.  Now, off to use my tags!

Soiree Journal Tags Freebie

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tahoe Blue

I bug and annoy and cajole until I get the pictures I want.  But I think it is justified, because I use them and turn them into art.  And I have great fun in the process!

One of the pictures from Ms AC's trek to the cabin at Tahoe, on a beautiful bluebird day.  I used this as the subject for an AnnaLift, attempting to convey cold yet sunshine, the hot and cold of blue, and some amount of action.  I wonder if I succeeded?

AnnaLift 0315 Tahoe 
Credits:All from Anna Aspnes: Artsy Blenz Snow Paperie, Hipster Plume Clipping Masks No 1, Winter Frame Transfers No 1, ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate, Mini Palette Mint Winter ArtPlay Palette Photographie, Magic FotoBlenz Album 1

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 10

All caught up! 

 Week 10 

Credits: Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Template No 5, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Crazy Life, Saffron Villa

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 9-and-a-Quarter

We accomplished a lot yesterday, helping Ms AC get off Twin Peaks.  I don't often spend 2-3 hour straight cleaning.  Then with the excitement of exploring the Haight, the long drive home, shopping, unloading the car and the thousands of steps necessary to put everything away, I was tired last night.  Probably too tired to scrap, but I really wanted to work on my weeklies.

Although I have not used a new Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Template for each week, since her Week 9 template had balloons in it, I decided I needed it to scrap Ms AC's birthday week.

And so I opened it up and started plopping the photos in place.  Then I did all sorts of things to add color to the page.  Then I added a little journaling for each day.  The final thing I wanted to do was highlight the dates, so I added the stars.  Then I said, wait, there are 9 days highlighted, oh, there are 9 photos in this template, oh good grief, I have run right into week 10.

But I love the page, so not sure I want to go to the trouble of changing it to only have 7 photos on it, especially since many of the background colors and elements were chosen specifically to support the photos.
While contemplating this dilemma, here is the week-and-a-quarter version.

Week 9 
Additional credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Crazy Life and Everyday, Anna Aspnes Project 366 Word Art No 1

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hagrid's Hut

I started this layout on the Oscraps blog the other day, talking about how colorizing a photo was perfect for this month's challenge.

Here is the color palette, somewhat neutral with white, dark gray, skin-tone beige and mustard yellows, and the challenge was to use this palette with a touch of an accent color, like the blue or pink or green shown.

Here is a photo of Hagrid's Hut at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The hut itself has wonderful gray/neutral tones, but the surrounding landscape on a bright sunny day is probably too bright to use this photo for the color challenge.

But I simply add a color adjustment layer and check the Colorize box, and I get this: 

Now to add back in a little of the accent color from the pumpkin, I add a layer mask, and with a soft-edged round eraser, I erase the area of the pumpkin.

Now I am ready to take on the March Color Challenge.  

Several layered papers from Maya de Groot's Terra Toni and Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Saffron Villa gave me the right colors in the background.  Note I grabbed a little slice of the color palette and used it to edge the page on the upper left and lower right.  

Instead of using the orange, I decided to use the accent color blue from the full-color photo of the front of the hut, leaving the blue sky in place, then emphasizing that color with some paint splats  and chevrons (Maya de Groot Aero Toni) a button (Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Find My Way 2) and the most perfect string (Aero Toni).

Hagrids Hut

Friday, March 9, 2012

Simply Kellly's My Girl

A new girlie kit from Simply Kelly, My Girl, gave me an opportunity to finish up scrapping the Disney pictures.  This is one of the Disney Photopass pictures, which I bought digitally so I could scrap them.  It cost about the same amount as having them printed, but that's another story...

The first clue that I would do Disney pictures was the red polka dot paper, so Disney!  And so many other pretty red papers.

The template is Simply Kelly's 2-Circles Template...i just added another circle and rotated them into "ears".  Also used one of the brads, repeated, to form some mouse ears.

Epcot  Xmas SKD My Girl
Additional credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life and Retro Holiday, Oscraps Collab Parisian Holiday.

So many pretty pink and red papers and elements, wish I still had a little princess!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Story of the Leap Day Card

The following is a post I wrote for the Oscraps blog on February 29, 2012.

Long before I knew what I would be writing about, I scheduled myself to write a post on ...

Leap Day

For you see, this is a very special day to me, for it is my daughter's birthday. It was 24 years ago today that a very special little lady came into my life, who continues to brighten it on a regular basis. Since her birthday only comes once every four years, and thank goodness she even had one in the year 2000 (to understand why, check out this cute and informative video), I wanted of course to do something special. And what is more special than something made by hand, and from the heart. I used a couple of special kits from the Oscraps store for my hybrid project
Anna Aspnes Project 366 Word Art 1.

And Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life:

 I started with an 11 x 8 1/2" canvas so I could print it locally, divided it in half, and put the Word Art and Paperie from the ArtPlay Palette onto the page. I added "So Special" using the fonts Jane Austen and 215000E and I clipped some wonderful recent sunset photos into the word art to give it vibrant color.

I printed on photo coverstock paper and folded it in half. Here is the front:

and the back:

Next I selected a scrapbooking paper to line the inside. I just rifled through my stash, coming up with this beautifully and perfectly colored orange and turquoise paper from Hambly Studios.

Once the two sheets were glued together, I used some Ranger Distress ink around the edges to give it a bit of an antique look, tied some turquoise and brown Martha Stewart twine along the creased edge, and tied some Tim Holtz Ideology charms to the twine.

Here is the completed front:

A close up (sorry for the slightly blurry image):

And most importantly, my heartfelt birthday wish on the inside:
This only took an hour or so and will be in her mail box on her special day.
Even if you don't know anyone celebrating a birthday on this special day, you might still want to scrap pictures from this extra day of the year.
Here are some additional kits that can be useful for your Leap Day Scrapping:
A Project 366 kit from Maya de Groot: 

And another one from Merkeley Designs:

Some wonderful Word Art from Ju Kneipp:

Everyday Life tags and Word Art from Cinzia Designs:
You might even take your "Leap Day" scrapping in a different direction, incorporating some fun "leaping" elements from kits like this one from Kitty Designs:

Or scrapping a literal interpretation of the word "Leap", such as in this lovely and lively page from the Oscraps gallery by tsbegley using the Paisley Princess kit from Jennifer Labre Designs.

Happy Leap Day!