Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project 365 Ala Simply Kelly

There are unlimited choices for documenting a Project 365, a photo a day.  And as I am now preparing to print my 2011 book by reviewing every page, I have no regrets for using so many formats, nor for creating weekly pages in addition to printing all the 4x6 photos AND using many of them in individual scrap pages.  I love them all!

But I also love Simply Kellly's approach in her new Project 365 Template Set 3...get 7 photos on the page, and tell their story.  Done.

But then I also love how one can adapt this concept to one's style, as I did here, by taking one of the photos and blowing it up to form the background, and adding some grunge around the edges.

Week 2 SKD
Additional credits: Anna AspnesProject 366 Word Art 1, ArtPlay Palettes Sophistica, Something Springy and Artsy Blenz Snow Paperie

Two more super cool, original and creative aspects of this Project 365 Template 3 kit:
  • there are multiple orientations for the sets of 7 photos, so if you have a mix of landscape and portrait orientations, you can choose the set that works best for your photos 
  • the aspect ratio of the photo masks is correct! This may sound like a simple point, but I have so many templates which have interesting photo masks of various sizes, but I often feel like I am cutting off parts of my photos, else expanding the masks to fit my photos. Not so with these templates. Digital photos plop right in with no cut off!
Here is the preview for this kit, which I highly recommend if you will be doing weekly layouts for Project 365, although any 7 photos will do!

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    I love this layout and how you make everything your own! :)