Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hanalei Kayaking

I said there would be more of Hanalei kayaking, well, here it is.

As we turned and came back downstream from the bridge, the ever so slight current floated us along at the mildest pace, with nary a ripple on the water, perfect for reflection shots.

I scrapped this page at a speed scrap at Design House Digital.  The instructions said I must use a 3" x 8" photo.  I like the 8" part, but the 3", not so much.  I created a clipping mask that exact size just to see what it did to my selected photo.  Sure enough, it cut it too much for my liking.  Somehow, it came to me instantly to repeat the photo, tuck it behind, and turn down the opacity so I could still see it.  Adding a stroke around the clipping mask helps to emphasize the focal part of the photo.  Someone commented that they liked the use of vellum on the photo...I meant to do that :-)

The title work is from a great alpha called Ephemeral Alpha by Shannon Hegarty at DHD.  I loved how some of the letters have map images, and the bit of contrasting orange.  Then I found a butterfly with a map, and that led me to butterflies.  One doesn't see big butterflies on the Hanalei River, but I like the way they embellish the page.

One hour, one page, and I love it!

hanalei SS 
Additional credits: Dana Zarling Lakeside, Karla Dudley Crush and Essential Brushes, Agnes Biro Yellow Butterfly and Abandoned Office, and Shannon Hegarty's Ephemeral Alpha, plus Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Find My Way 2 and Something Springy

Here are a few more photos of reflections in the calm river waters. Those are hau flowers in the water, which bloom yellow, then turn to red as they fade and fall into the river, all in a day.

Hanalei River

Hanalei River

Hanalei River

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