Monday, February 6, 2012

Color My O'World

This is a post I wrote for the Oscraps blog today...Happy Birthday to me!

There must be a million and one ways to approach a scrapping color challenge. Today I'd like to share one of my approaches, in the hope that it will spark some creative ideas and fun!

First off, I should say I tend to be very literal in my challenge interpretations. If you give me a set of swatches, I am going to use them! The first thing I do is copy the image with the swatches, like this one from our February color challenge. Since this is a low-resolution web image, before I use any parts of it in my page, I increase the resolution (Ctrl-Alt-I, set Resolution to 300 dpi). 

Next, I think about and choose the pictures to go with the swatches, and a kit that might get me going in the right color direction.

Here is my starting point for the February color challenge open in my CS5 workspace - the inspiration photo, my picture of a mosaic rooster seen in a shop front in Old Koloa Town on Kauai. Anyone who has been to Kauai knows about the roosters! Aren't the colors just perfect? And the paper, from the Oscraps collab Bold. 

Then I extract the swatches to place them on my page. In some cases this is easier than in others, but I am not too worried about being precise, especially since I tend to scrap in a somewhat artsy messy style. Here I have used the lasso tool, with radius set to 0, and made a rough selection around the swatches.

Here I have placed the rooster photo on my background page, and placed the swatches on the page as well (you can of course continue to edit the swatches in the separate document). 

I clean up the swatches using my magic wand tool to select and erase away the background...

Then clean it up further with a soft-edged eraser (about 100-125 pixels, hardness=0, and I alter the size of the eraser with the brackets ([ ]) as needed to get closer to the edges. It's not perfect, but good enough. 

You may have your own ways and expertise regarding extractions. If you have a favorite method, please share it in the comments so we can all learn further!

Now I am ready to go through my O-Stash looking for papers and elements to support my colors and tell my story. If I want to fill any elements along the way, I have my swatches right in place to use with my color picker.

Here is my completed layout. Notice I kept the swatches in place, and used them as an "element", finding other circular elements, like the frame and the bubbles, to go with them. I added some "chicken scratch" to the background in keeping with the theme. I colored the tag using the light pink swatch with my color picker (use the magic wand to select the white part of the tag only, then add a solid color adjustment layer, using the color picker and the swatch).  
Credits: Oscraps Collal Bold Maya de Groot - Midsummer Night's Dream, Home Sweet Home, Prego, All About 
Vicki Stegal - Ransom Alpha 

I hope this has given you some creative ideas and inspiration for working on color challenges. If you make a page for our February color challenge, be sure to add it to our Color Challenge Gallery so we can leave you some colorful love!

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