Friday, February 3, 2012

The 2011 Page Count

It was tine to get my scrapping pages in a bit of order.
For one thing, there is a Super-Bowl Sunday free shipping sale at Persnickety Prints, so it was time to get some pages uploaded for printing.
For another thing, my folder of "Scrapbooks" was getting unwieldy and need a bit of reorganization.
And for a third thing, I wanted to know how many pages I had scrapped in 2011.

The answer is:
  • 239 general scrap page
  • 67 weekly pages
  • 97 pages done for Europe books
  • 403 total pages
No, there were not 15 extra weeks in 2011, but for the month of June, I took the approach of separating the photos of the day into the geographical areas of our European vacation, so there 2 pages, for Rome, 2 for Sorrenvto, 2 for Orvieto, 1 for Verona and 1 for Padova/Stresa, 2 for Lauterbrunnen, 1 for Montreux, 1 for Zermatt and 1 for St. Moritz.

Another common annual task, apparently, for scrappers is to pick one's favorite layout.  Not possible.  I have so many favorites for many different reasons.

But 2 layouts done just about a year ago, from pictures taken a year ago this weekend, continue to warm my heart each and every time I look at them, these pages from the pics of my birthday weekend in San Francisco, where the weather was so lovely and the company perfect (including Mr AC taking the photos).

Both of these were done as part of my digital training at Jessica Sprague, so I also love how they show the emergence of both skills and style.

Coit Tower

Lesson 1 North Beach 

The count prediction for 2012? Who knows. So far, 20 and counting!

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