Monday, January 30, 2012

New York Ornamentation

As we walked along the street in New York (wish I could remember what street we were on, perhaps I could google it or ask - found it! it was Sixth Ave, also known as the Avenue of the Americas, right across from Radio City Music Hall, and here are some gorgeous photos of it), right next to the giant faux-lights were these giant ornaments in a fountain, apparently in front of the Exxon building (1251 Sixth Ave).

Thus ensued another circus of "let's take pictures" with varying degrees of cooperation. It was easier to snap the ornaments by themselves, but we did manage a couple of decent pictures of the Nasti kiddies in front of the ornaments.  Notice how little Natty is always smiling and always cooperative, such a great kid!  Not that Crissy and Danny aren't great kids, but they are teenagers, and therefore must maintain some degree of, well, teenager-ness :-)

I created this page as a scraplift of a page by Anna Aspnes with 4 vertical small square photos.  I prefer larger photos, and square didn't work for me with these very-landscape oriented pics, so I recreated the template.  The really fun part was recreating the rounded-corner lines in the background and the partial rounded-corner shapes framing the photos.

For the shapes, I created large rounded-corner rectangles (with a 100 pixel radius), then just cut them apart.  For the outlines, create a rounded corner rectangle, then apply a stroke on a separate layer (via Edit > Stroke, not via layer properties) and hide (or delete) the shape.  Then just duplicate it, change its size, etc.

The mask used for the large photo on the right is from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Sweet Christmas, and how perfect is it, the way the striated edges fade the lines from the building in the background!  Something perhaps only a digi-geek could appreciate.

AnnaLift 0202 New York Ornaments 
Additional Credits, all from Anna Aspnes - ArtPlay Palettes Sweet Christmas, Strawberry Preserve, Retro Holiday, Encapsulate and Everyday. Plus Descriptives Word Transfers and Winter Frame Transfers.

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