Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Day Via Instagram

I love that with a flick of my finger, I can turn a nicely composed picture into a beautiful shot, thanks to Instagram.
No wonder 14 million people like it !

Here is my day via Instagram:

A walk in the neighborhood in Princeville revealed a previously unknown beach access path, from which we were able to hike down to Anini Beach.  
The calm weather and water made for a beautiful morning!
Next we headed over to the beach at Hanalei Pavilion. Being a week day, it was pretty quiet, and again, such a beautiful day!
I have hardly found any seaglass on this trip, but I did find a rather unusual shell.  Yes, I know it is out of focus, but I like the picture anyway.
We ended the day celebrating our anniversary at The Dolphin restaurant in Hanalei, always a favorite.

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