Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camera Corner Self Portrait

The January Camera Corner challenge at Oscraps was to do a self-portrait.  I like taking self-portraits, since they almost always look goofy and are therefore good for a smile.

The first one was taken at the La Quinta hotel on the night we stayed up at the airport before flying to Kauai, and the second in my bedroom hallway to show off my new Athleta top.

Lots went into the scrapping, including some very cool brushes (the hand, hourglass definition compass and clock) which just seemed to appear in my brush palette.  I guess I am still getting used to CS5.

These are the kind of pages I really enjoy and am really proud of.  Well, that applies to all of the pages I create, but anyway, I particularly like it when I get to scrap in my messiest grungiest art-journal style, filling every available inch, throwing in little elements that describe the time, like that stamped red 54 in the lower left corner.

Yup, this is me in January 2012.

Jan 2012 Self Portrait 
Credits: From Anna Aspes - 12x12 Magic FotoBlenz Album 1, Portal Art Paperie No 3, 12x12 Script Tease Overlay Learn, Project 366 Word Art No 1, ArtPlay Palette Retro Holiday, ArtPlay Palette Everyday, Numbered Overlays 1, and Vicki Stegal Ransom Alpha

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