Monday, January 23, 2012

Black & White & a Red Elephant

As I looked through yesterday's photos, most from a trip to the Fillmore area of San Francisco, I was surprised by the unintentional yet dominant presence of black & white.

There was the vintage typewriter on the shelf in The Paper Source,
Vintage Typewriter

the Eiffel Tower umbrella in the window of a shop (and yes, it was raining, I wonder if there are always umbrellas in this window?),
Eiffel Tower Umbrella

and in Browser Books (love the faded rugs on the worn-wood floors, that slightly musty smell mixed with the aroma of ink, the strange lighting, sometimes dark, sometimes very bright where the spotlights were placed)...
Browser Books

not only good shelf space dedicated to Charles Dickens (mostly the black & white Penguin editions), but also a staff pick for David Copperfield, warming this store even further to my heart.
Dickens Shelf

It was quite a cold, rainy, gray day, and even the windows of Marc Jacobs were rather dull, except for that glimpse of the RED ELEPHANT!
Megan at Marc Jacobs

I tried to take a picture of the Red Elephant inside the store, but just like Wayne's attempt to play Stairway to Heaven in the Guitar Store, I was DENIED!  (Really, do you really think I am going to steal your idea of using a red elephant in my business decor ??  Really?).  Not be be denied, I thought, who can stop me from taking a picture of pretty Ms AC in front of the window, where one can, if one looks carefully, catch a glimpse on one red elephant.  Take that, Mr. Marc Jacobs security guy (I actually do totally understand the sensitivity of designers to having their designs stolen, and therefore the need to restrict picture taking, but I really did want a picture of that red elephant).

And the last bit of black & white, the engraving on my new Marc Jacobs ring that Ms AC picked out for me:
Given in love for Protection (sigh)
New Ring

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