Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another New York Sketch

Having done one New York sketch, I needed to do another.  I had lots more pictures from the day traipsing around in the cold and wind of New York City on the day after Christmas, especially around Rockefeller Center.

I like this picture of us in front of the tree, and I love several of the other photos...there is something about the light and the lack of color, just a lot of silver and gold and gray.  It's different from the light here in California and certainly different than in Hawaii, where the sun would wash out anything silver or gold.

Similar to yesterday, I started with a background photo, the photo of the tree in Rockefeller Center, and used a sketch filter, this time the Photocopy Filter, set on a blended mask, with the mask set to linear burn.

Then when I put the next picture on to the page, the picture of us in front of the tree, I accidentally clipped it into the masked sketch.  But wow, how cool is that??  A little brush erasure around the edges and we're blended into the sketch!

The additional photos are actually placed underneath the sketch (one normal, one hard light) so you can see both real windows and sketch windows...subtle perhaps, but I love it!

A couple dabs of red to match the trumpeter and my gloves bring it all to tri-focal life.

Rocky Center Jan Tech 
Credits: Anna Aspnes Anna Sampler No 2, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Strawberry Preserve and Retro Holiday.

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