Tuesday, January 31, 2012


No matter how much I know that fruits and veges are better for me, gawd I love carbs!  I think perhaps I need to stay away for a couple of days, to make up for...

a cupcake snack (brought to me by Ms AC + L&Y) (I wonder if there was protein in this cupcake...I was not hungry for the next 3 hours!)

a French toast lunch, because I did not want to see the homemade French bread 
go to staleness and waste
French Toast 

and a home made (by Mr AC, not me) pizza for dinner

OK, how yummy does that all look??

Monday, January 30, 2012

New York Ornamentation

As we walked along the street in New York (wish I could remember what street we were on, perhaps I could google it or ask - found it! it was Sixth Ave, also known as the Avenue of the Americas, right across from Radio City Music Hall, and here are some gorgeous photos of it), right next to the giant faux-lights were these giant ornaments in a fountain, apparently in front of the Exxon building (1251 Sixth Ave).

Thus ensued another circus of "let's take pictures" with varying degrees of cooperation. It was easier to snap the ornaments by themselves, but we did manage a couple of decent pictures of the Nasti kiddies in front of the ornaments.  Notice how little Natty is always smiling and always cooperative, such a great kid!  Not that Crissy and Danny aren't great kids, but they are teenagers, and therefore must maintain some degree of, well, teenager-ness :-)

I created this page as a scraplift of a page by Anna Aspnes with 4 vertical small square photos.  I prefer larger photos, and square didn't work for me with these very-landscape oriented pics, so I recreated the template.  The really fun part was recreating the rounded-corner lines in the background and the partial rounded-corner shapes framing the photos.

For the shapes, I created large rounded-corner rectangles (with a 100 pixel radius), then just cut them apart.  For the outlines, create a rounded corner rectangle, then apply a stroke on a separate layer (via Edit > Stroke, not via layer properties) and hide (or delete) the shape.  Then just duplicate it, change its size, etc.

The mask used for the large photo on the right is from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Sweet Christmas, and how perfect is it, the way the striated edges fade the lines from the building in the background!  Something perhaps only a digi-geek could appreciate.

AnnaLift 0202 New York Ornaments 
Additional Credits, all from Anna Aspnes - ArtPlay Palettes Sweet Christmas, Strawberry Preserve, Retro Holiday, Encapsulate and Everyday. Plus Descriptives Word Transfers and Winter Frame Transfers.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Must Be Love

There is a Disney song going through my head...from Cinderella...
So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of
So this is love
Similar to the name of Maya de Groot's new kit, It Must Be Love, which I've used to scap the next Disney page (perhaps that's why I am humming a Cinderella song!).

Lots of soft woody pinks and browns, lovey elements, great word art!
This is one of the pictures taken by the Disney Photopass Photographer at Hollywood Studios, provided in digital format so I can scrap it over and over!

Disney MDG IMBL 
Additional credits - Maya De Groot Templates 4, KellyBell Designs (Disney elements)
Here is the preview for this pretty kit:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camera Corner Self Portrait

The January Camera Corner challenge at Oscraps was to do a self-portrait.  I like taking self-portraits, since they almost always look goofy and are therefore good for a smile.

The first one was taken at the La Quinta hotel on the night we stayed up at the airport before flying to Kauai, and the second in my bedroom hallway to show off my new Athleta top.

Lots went into the scrapping, including some very cool brushes (the hand, hourglass definition compass and clock) which just seemed to appear in my brush palette.  I guess I am still getting used to CS5.

These are the kind of pages I really enjoy and am really proud of.  Well, that applies to all of the pages I create, but anyway, I particularly like it when I get to scrap in my messiest grungiest art-journal style, filling every available inch, throwing in little elements that describe the time, like that stamped red 54 in the lower left corner.

Yup, this is me in January 2012.

Jan 2012 Self Portrait 
Credits: From Anna Aspes - 12x12 Magic FotoBlenz Album 1, Portal Art Paperie No 3, 12x12 Script Tease Overlay Learn, Project 366 Word Art No 1, ArtPlay Palette Retro Holiday, ArtPlay Palette Everyday, Numbered Overlays 1, and Vicki Stegal Ransom Alpha

Friday, January 27, 2012

All of My Love

Valentine scrapping kits are emerging, and ones with red dots, like the new All of My Love kit from Jen Maddocks Designs, are perfect for continuing my Disney scrapping.

I did this one first, this picture of me & Ms AC in front of the Minnie & Mickey topiaries at Epcot,
Disney Epcot AOML

Then just subbed a few pics, elements and made a companion page of me & Mr AC at the light show at the Studios.
Disney  Sytudios AOML

Here is a preview of the kit full of red, pink and black papers, as well as lots of lovey elements.

Additional credits: Anna Aspnes Anna Sampler No 2 , No Reimer Reason Remember the Magic

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project 366 Scrapping Begins

Yes of course I am doing Project 366, but the question is/was, how would I print/scrap it?

Last year I printed all the individual photos as 4x6's, I printed the scrapbook pages that featured some of these photos, and I intend to print a book of all the weekly layouts.

I just wasn't sure I wanted/needed to do weekly layouts this year.

But, two reasons to do so:
  1. while a picture tells a story, a story tells a story, and perhaps even better, with more details, so as long as I write a little bit about each photo and/or each week, it is worth doing weeklies
  2. Anna Aspnes has created some fabulous Project 366 templates and materials, which could make it really fast and easy if I didn't fuss over every little detail
And so, here we go, Week 1 of Project 366, the Year 2012, begun.

Week 1a

Week 1b 
Credits: Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Layout 1, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Ablaze, Barren Sunrise, Everyday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oscraps Freebies

This is a post I wrote for the Oscraps blog:

Hey, O-Fans, Diane here, bringing you the question of the day...

Did you know, there is a category in the Oscraps store for Freebies?

There are more than 10 pages of awesome Freebies available from our talented designers, waiting to be used in your scrapping! Templates, paper, alphas, wordart, elements...it's all here!

Before January gets away from us, I wanted to bring your attention to a very special Freebie, from Sue Cummings, a quick and easy template/quick grid for a year in review.

Year in Review Template

O-scrappers have done some wonderful reviewing with this template!

This colorful layout by Michael captures special moments throughout the year:

EHStudios created a Project Life page with the 8 1/2" x 11" version of the free template:

How sweet and romantic is this page by whetuu, thankful for a year with her husband:

Bush Girl focused on a very special even from 2011 in her page:

Ella_75 focused on a year in the life of a very special little man:

marijke chose the four seasons and presented images for each one:

And Elina2 gives us a year of beautiful flowers:

Don't let this one get away, and if you create a Year in Review page, please add it to Sue Cumming's Gallery so we can leave you some love!

Sue Cummings is the designer of the 52 Projects series which focuses on hybrid scrapbooking. (Check out our previous post on hybrid to find out more on that topic.) Sue's ultimate goal for the project is for us to walk away with 52 hybrid projects that can be showcased in a book about hybrid scrapbooking. Project No. 1 is the freebie listed above. Project No. 2 is also available for a low price. Four more projects will be added soon and the whole thing will hopefully wrap up Christmas of 2012. If you want to find out more or see the products, check out Sue's section of the Oscraps store.

"Freebie' banner ad created with Oscraps Collab kit Cozy, with Ransom [the Alphas] by Vicky Stegal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another New York Sketch

Having done one New York sketch, I needed to do another.  I had lots more pictures from the day traipsing around in the cold and wind of New York City on the day after Christmas, especially around Rockefeller Center.

I like this picture of us in front of the tree, and I love several of the other photos...there is something about the light and the lack of color, just a lot of silver and gold and gray.  It's different from the light here in California and certainly different than in Hawaii, where the sun would wash out anything silver or gold.

Similar to yesterday, I started with a background photo, the photo of the tree in Rockefeller Center, and used a sketch filter, this time the Photocopy Filter, set on a blended mask, with the mask set to linear burn.

Then when I put the next picture on to the page, the picture of us in front of the tree, I accidentally clipped it into the masked sketch.  But wow, how cool is that??  A little brush erasure around the edges and we're blended into the sketch!

The additional photos are actually placed underneath the sketch (one normal, one hard light) so you can see both real windows and sketch windows...subtle perhaps, but I love it!

A couple dabs of red to match the trumpeter and my gloves bring it all to tri-focal life.

Rocky Center Jan Tech 
Credits: Anna Aspnes Anna Sampler No 2, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Strawberry Preserve and Retro Holiday.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Black & White & a Red Elephant

As I looked through yesterday's photos, most from a trip to the Fillmore area of San Francisco, I was surprised by the unintentional yet dominant presence of black & white.

There was the vintage typewriter on the shelf in The Paper Source,
Vintage Typewriter

the Eiffel Tower umbrella in the window of a shop (and yes, it was raining, I wonder if there are always umbrellas in this window?),
Eiffel Tower Umbrella

and in Browser Books (love the faded rugs on the worn-wood floors, that slightly musty smell mixed with the aroma of ink, the strange lighting, sometimes dark, sometimes very bright where the spotlights were placed)...
Browser Books

not only good shelf space dedicated to Charles Dickens (mostly the black & white Penguin editions), but also a staff pick for David Copperfield, warming this store even further to my heart.
Dickens Shelf

It was quite a cold, rainy, gray day, and even the windows of Marc Jacobs were rather dull, except for that glimpse of the RED ELEPHANT!
Megan at Marc Jacobs

I tried to take a picture of the Red Elephant inside the store, but just like Wayne's attempt to play Stairway to Heaven in the Guitar Store, I was DENIED!  (Really, do you really think I am going to steal your idea of using a red elephant in my business decor ??  Really?).  Not be be denied, I thought, who can stop me from taking a picture of pretty Ms AC in front of the window, where one can, if one looks carefully, catch a glimpse on one red elephant.  Take that, Mr. Marc Jacobs security guy (I actually do totally understand the sensitivity of designers to having their designs stolen, and therefore the need to restrict picture taking, but I really did want a picture of that red elephant).

And the last bit of black & white, the engraving on my new Marc Jacobs ring that Ms AC picked out for me:
Given in love for Protection (sigh)
New Ring

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New York Sketch

I've missed scrapping, a lot.  But scrapping needs materials, so no regrets about going off to Kauai for a week so I can gather more memorable materials.

Of course, I still have plenty of unscrapped memories from June in Europe, December at Disney World, and the holidays in New York.

So let's take a look at a New York sketch.

This page was inspired by an AnnaLift page done by Kathleen D of the Duomo, I think from Florence.  Subsequent lifts continued to focus on landmarks.  I thought about using some building photos from New York, but I loved this photo I captured of the trumpeting soldiers with the wind whipping the silvery and golden flags.

I used the Graphic Pen Sketch filter on top of a mask set to Soft Light blending, turning the opacity down to 80%.  It gave me the perfect blend.  I used the same mask on a full color version of the same photo, then added an extraction of the waving flags, this time with the blending mode of Luminosity.

AnnaLift0126 New York 
Credits: Anna Aspnes Anna Sampler No 2, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Strawberry Preserve and Retro Holiday.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cold Weather Comforts

When the warm weather vacation ends, there is the need for cold weather comforts, from Mr AC's creative kitchen.

Home-made soup...

And a 58-minute loaf.

Yum, but I do miss Kauai.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cedric Came to Kauai

Being a traveling gnome, it should be no surprise that Cedric came to Kauai with us. 
Fortunately, I remembered to take his picture!

Here he is on the back balcony of the condo at Puhio at Ka' Eo Kai.
And here on the Princeville cliffs at Sealodge.
And finally, trying to decide on whether or not to do that hike down to the Sealodge beach again. Since the big rains, it is looking a bit more slippery than it was at the beginning of the week.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Instaview

It's hard to concentrate on ones shot when this is the view to the next hole.
This is the 7 th hole at the Makai Club in Princeville.

The other distraction on these cliff holes are the albatross. These fascinating birds nest on the cliffs of Princeville, not only on the golf course but also in the neighborhoods. Seeing them fly with their enormous wing spans is poetry in motion.  They are also pretty cute just sitting around.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Day Via Instagram

I love that with a flick of my finger, I can turn a nicely composed picture into a beautiful shot, thanks to Instagram.
No wonder 14 million people like it !

Here is my day via Instagram:

A walk in the neighborhood in Princeville revealed a previously unknown beach access path, from which we were able to hike down to Anini Beach.  
The calm weather and water made for a beautiful morning!
Next we headed over to the beach at Hanalei Pavilion. Being a week day, it was pretty quiet, and again, such a beautiful day!
I have hardly found any seaglass on this trip, but I did find a rather unusual shell.  Yes, I know it is out of focus, but I like the picture anyway.
We ended the day celebrating our anniversary at The Dolphin restaurant in Hanalei, always a favorite.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Colors of Kauai

View of the mountains from the Princeville golf course, actually taken yesterday, January 16th.  Today, we were awoken by a huge clap of thunder, and a poof as the power went out, just before the skies lit with lightning.

Fifteen inches of rain on Mt. Wai'ale'ale, the wettest spot on earth, brought back the waterfalls which we had not seen yet on this trip.  As the falls came rushing down, the red-muddied waters flooded the Hanalei River and forced the closing of the one-lane bridge into Hanalei.

It all turned out OK, with the heavy rain breaking at mid-day, the river receding by late afternoon, the bridge finally opening in the early evening.  All in all, the stuff of memories!

Monday, January 16, 2012


There is no doubt about it, scrapping is fun!

 I love the bright colors, the elements, the telling of a story with pictures and embellishments. Presumably it shows. Doesn't it look like I had fun making this page? Yup, I did!

 This is a new kit from Simply Kelly Designs called Little Stackers. It's mostly about Lego's, but unfortunately, and rather annoyingly, I couldn't find any lego pictures.
 I KNOW we took pictures in and around the lego store at Downtown Disney when we visited in 2010...where are they??

Well, even though I don't have lego pictures, the pictures of our ride on the Tomorrowland Raceway from the pre-Christmas trip were just the right colors for the vibrant papers and elements in this kit.


  Disney Race Cars

Additional credits: Simply Kelly In a Circle Template, Sue Cummings Favorite Word Art, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate and Sweet Christmas, Tharalis A Colorful Life, No Reimer Reason Remember the Magic

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Colors of Kauai

There's something about an aqua velva man (I remember when we were here years ago, on a horseback ride down on the Poipu end of the island, the guide talked about how the waters looked like aqua velva...),

Makes one want to do the Tangerine Tango...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

A long walk in Princeville, with views of the Kiluea Lighthouse way in the distance...
plus the occasional albatross nesting or resting on someone's lawn...
The beach in Hanalei...

and coffee at the old Java Kai in downtown Hanalei.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Day in Photos

Not much necessary in the way of words...

View from lunch upstairs at the Olympic Cafe in Kapaa...

Just a couple blocks from downtown Kapaa, the wide open and beautiful Eastern shore of Kauai...

Finishing the day with a scoop of Lapperts...