Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmoose

A combo of the old and the new, old santas and the still-new view.  I don't know where these tacky melted plastic Santas came from, but they appear among the Christmas goods every year.  This year, I almost stuffed them back into the closet, then decided to embrace them instead, hanging them on the back fence along with the cascading lights and the view of the valley.

Unfortunately this one Santa looks right into the window where I sit and work all day and I keep getting the vaguely creepy feeling that I am being watched.

Guess I had better be nice!

This layout uses the completely adorable new Christmoose kit from Maya de Groot designs.  I LOVE that moose!  and the very clever alpha all stitched together.
This would have made a great Christmas card, that is if I were sending Christmas cards this year, which I am not.  No time, no regrets.
Hmmm, OK, this might make the perfect Christmas card for Mom & Dad...may need to print and send, today, else it will not get done...sigh.
Silver Creek Christmas

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