Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lovely Red Twigs

When we go for walks in the neighborhood, it's hard for me to make progress sometimes, since I must stop and observe pretty and interesting things, and I must take pictures of them.

I just heard yesterday that the most popular iPhone app of the year, by far, is Instagram.  No surprise! I had Instagram envy for a long time, longing to make the wonderfully cropped and colorized photos I was seeing everywhere.  Now I can make my own.

Although I did use a filter to somewhat enhance the colors of these lovely branches, they really are quite bright coral red, especially in the light of the cloudy day.  According to the label hanging from the realtively newly planted young tree, it is a coral bark maple...a fitting name!

I look forward to seeing it branch out in the spring!

Meanwhile, I used it as the subject for an "AnnaLift".  
The challenge of artsy pages like this is to stop sticking stuff on it and declare it done.  With limited time and so many projects still to complete before Christmas, it was time that finally made me say, "ok, good enough"!

AnnaLift 1209 Twigs
Credits: All from Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palettes Sweet Christmas, Ablaze, Encapsulate, Retro Holiday, Find My Way 2, Sophistica, Twiggy No 1 (recolored to match the lovely branches of the coral bark tree), Winter Frames Transfers

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