Thursday, December 1, 2011

December, Still Fall, 12 Days

Here it is December 1!  The weather has been strange this week with the cold cold tule fog until late in the day, then yesterday afternoon the winds came in and blew all the fog away, but man is it windy!  By the time we reached the 9th hole on the golf course yesterday, the wind was blowing so hard it actually blew my ball back towards me!

So it's a good thing I got out earlier in the week for more leaf peeping, as I suspect all the leaves have blown off the trees overnight.

I got some beautiful and amazingly colorful shots earlier this week, the colors so brilliant they almost do not look real, but these are not touched up photos, this is nature in all her glory! Leaves VS Walk

December 1 also marks the start of 12 Days O Christmas at Oscraps! Gonna be lots of scrappin' going' on!

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