Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Memories

I wanted to title this story, "the red balls of Christmas", or the "giant red Christmas balls", but somehow neither of those sounded quite politically correct.  I considered "the red ornaments of Christmas", but ornaments is too long of a word to pronounce, especially in a title, and the significant part of the memory is not that they are ornaments, it is that they are round red ornaments, aka balls.  Anyway, perhaps not sufficiently creative, but it is still in the 6 am hour, and so I settled for Christmas Memories.

This picture was taken by Ms. AC somewhere along the Embarcadero, as I understand it, but it reminds me of a Christmas memory.

"I remember something about a silver Christmas tree, with only red ornaments on it.  It may have had red tinsel too.  I don’t remember there being lights on it, but it is all a pretty vague memory.
What I do remember was the red ornaments.  Nothing but round red ornaments, just like those in the picture.And I still have some of those ornaments, a legacy from the 1960’s.
It seems that perfectly round, perfectly red ornaments are quite timeless."
Created for the December web inspiration challenge at Oscraps.

Christmas Balls Web Challenge
Uses Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Template No 40, Anna Aspnes ArtPLay Palettes Retro Holiday and Encapsulate, Anna Aspnes Magik Sprinklez No 2 and Jenn Labre's Holly Jolly Add On

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