Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Say Padua, I Say Padova

Our trip to Padova was just an in-and-out, on the way from Orvieto to Stresa, just enough to see the highlights. It was a slightly drizzly day, and, as we later discovered, some feast day or holiday, so the markets were sparse. 
Here in Piazza dei Signori, which was supposed to be the site of a thriving clothing market, only a few lonely stands were braving the weather. But all one has to do is put on the imagination cap to see this as full of Italians out picking amongst the goods. 

Meanwhile, it was easy to enjoy great views of the architecture in the piazza, including this royal palace with wonderful zodiac clock, scrapped with the perfect Encapsulate kit from Anna Aspnes and Dido Designs, which is full of clock-like imagery.

I did a fun little something on this page, rather subtle, but something I will likely use again, now that I have discovered it.  I repeated the photo of the palace in the background, turning the opacity way down.  But having done that, it was no longer possible to pick out the Venetian lion on top of the column.  We spied the Venetian lion immediately, having learned all about him on our trip to Venice.
So I did a quick lasso grab of just the tower and lion with a high feather radius and plopped this on top of the low-opacity layer, adjusting the size so it blends in perfectly.  I love the effect!
Padova Clock Tower
Additional credits - Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Template No 12, Anna Aspnes Script Tease Learn

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