Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend at the Artsy Craftsy's

One would think that with a 4-day weekend, there would be lots of artsy craftiness going on.  Well, there was some, but somehow too many other things got in the way of being totally immersed in being artsy craftsy.

I did however get a couple more potholders made...I just love crocheting with cotton, even if I or no one else ever uses these.  There is something about the feel of the thread, the saturation of the colors, the regularity of the variegation (how is that for an oxymoron?), that is somehow wonderful to have in one's hands.


I also finally got started on mosaicing that little birdhouse.  How cute is this??  I used some of the Murano glass millifiori tiles from, well, Murano, around the opening, some glass and ceramic around the edges and to create some stylized flowers on the sides, and cut some iridescent china to give a more random look to the center area.

Mosaic Birdhouse

And I did take lots of pictures, including an wonderfully dewy and sunlit spider web on one of the pine trees in front of the house,

Spider Web

and an unexpected and gorgeous day lily in the front yard. Lily

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