Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend at the Artsy Craftsy's

Super nice weather on Sunday meant the artsy craftsy accomplishments were somewhat light this weekend, but helped by the continuation of the Harry Potter movies on the Family Channel. Yes, I own the first 7 movies and have #8 on my Christmas list, but somehow I cannot resist when they are on TV, plus, Chamber of Secrets is out on loan, and, TV versions tend to have scenes not included in the DVD releases, and, they show behind-the-scenes stuff, and I don't have them all on blue ray, etc, etc,  Anyway, my little artsy craftsy accomplishments included:
  •   completing and ordering 3 photo books of our European adventure from Snapfish.  Two are for gifts and the other a keepsake for myself.  I took advantage of the buy 1 get two free offer!
  • finally deciding to rip out the outermost border on this cotton cloth; still not sure if I will use it, but oh how I love crocheting with cotton! and I love this yellow color!
    Crocheted Dish Cloth

  • starting a new crocheted potholder with triple thickness of chunky!
  • Crocheted Pot Holder

  • making this cute little gnome arugurumi, another present
    Gnome Arugurumi

  • a couple of blocks on the double wedding ring
    Double Wedding Ring

  • a hem on this simple fabric runner that I bought at PIQF two years ago...I think maybe it needs a crocheted cotton trim? And another pressing!  But I love the soft warm yellow that looks beautiful with the golden yellow color of the kitchen.
    Kitchen Runner

  • tore the house apart looking for the Table Graces placemat pattern which I think will be the best option for using this chicken fabric Megan bought for me at Stone Mountain & Daughter.  Did not find it, but did find the pattern for the chunky cotton crochet pot holder and the toilet seat covers!
    Chicken Fabric

  • found some fabric for the last toilet seat cover in the house, for the Micket Mouse bathroom.  I hope to have it done in time for World Toilet Day which is this coming Saturday (I am not making this up).
    Mickey Bath

    Micket Bath Switchplate

  • Oh and yes, I did do some scrapping, but mostly in preparation for future releases at Oscraps, so those will not be revealed until it's time.

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