Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scrapping Up Padova

I finished up the last of the scrapping of Padova today, capturing a couple of views of the Scrovegni Chapel.  When I read about the Scrovegni Chapel, with it's restored Giotto frescoes, I wondered if it was worth the effort.  We needed to make a very specific advanced reservation, show up at least 30 minutes early, etc, etc.

Well, it was worth it.  Not a huge fresco fan, but the walls of this chapel read like a colorful graphic novel.  It was amazing.  The realism was impressing and the colors beautiful.

There were no pictures allowed inside the chapel, so I only have photos of the outside, but I found an online image to use to try to convey the very graphical storytelling nature of these frescoes, each episode in its own panel, circling the entire chapel, floor to ceiling, all around..

Padova Scrovegni Chapel 
Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Strawberry Preserve 

So here is what Padova will look like all together, side-by-side, if I ever create that massive book of Europe 2011.
Padova Window AnnaLift Padova Clock Tower

Padova Market  2 Padova Market 1

St. Anthonys Maya de Groot Padova Scrovegni Chapel

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