Monday, November 7, 2011

Padova Window & A Lift

When I selected the favorite photos from Padova for scrapping, I included two photos, the very first two I took (I think), of a shoe store window with hot air balloons.  You can see my reflection in this first one, and that's Mr. AC with the map on the left.

Padova Window Baloons 1

Padova Window Baloons 1

I loved the look of this window, perhaps because it reminded me so much of a similar window in Bruges from when Ms. AC and I bopped over from Paris in March of 2009.
Bruges Window 2009

Turns out these pictures are perfect for a scraplift and advancing my progress on the European vacation scrapping.  
The original layout, by mrstoa, has a beautiful vintage photo, scrapped in lovely seafoam colors with simple elements.  But I was stumped on how to lift because
a) I don't have any vintage photos,
b) I couldn't really come up with anything that would work with the color

But then I focused on the 'time flies' title, and, thinking about the window photos from Padova, I had my subject!

A single photo (well, the second one is blended into the background, but not as visible), a monochromatic background, a few elements and brushes, and voila! Scraplift!
Padova Window AnnaLift 
Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Find My Way, Encapsulate, English Rose, Barren Sunrise, Anna Aspnes Script Tease Learn 1, Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Album, and Maya de Groot's Terra Toni

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