Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Orvieto & Out

I won't say I am finally finished with scrapping Orvieto, lest it be misconstrued to seem like I want it to be done.  I enjoyed every minute or revisiting our trip to the perfect little hill town with the glorious duomo, and will relive it wonderfully through these scrapbook pages.

The last two pages highlight the best and the typical...

the best being the glorious duomo...
Orvieto 9a Duomo

the typical being a balcony covered in flowers.
Orvieto 9b Balcony
Both of these layouts use a beautiful new collaboration kit from Anna Aspnes and Dido Designs called Encapsulate. It is full of time imagery, which I so love.  The lovely imagery and brushes lends quite an ethereal quality to both layouts.
  The duomo picture was altered via a Hipstamatic tutorial I found on the Photoshop elements site, and the balcony picture was altered via a Instagram tutorial from the same site.   Yes, I know the rest of the world just takes Instagram pictures with their iPhones.  But I really enjoyed learning how to do this with lots of filters, masks and adjustments.

So here is all of Orvieto, scrapped out side by side, and it is on to Padova and Verona.
Orvieto 1 Orvieto 2
Orvieto 3 Orvieto 4
Orvieto 5a Night Orvieto 5a Dinner
Orvieto 7a Market Orvieto 7b Market
Orvieto 8a Wandering Orvieto 8b Morning
Orvieto 9a Duomo Orvieto 9b Balcony

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