Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ode to Joy, Ode to Love, Ode to Verona

Allow me to wax poetic as I show my latest scrapbook page of a pile of locks in Verona Italy and an awesome and vibrant new kit from Jan Maddocks Designs.

Ok, end of poetic waxing, for the images do all the work here...

The fine print...
This is a bridge in Verona over the river ... People profess their love by writing or carving their initials on a padlock and securing it to a romantic location.

Ode to Love 

Seen in many places in Europe...Paris (this photo from Paris Daily Photo...I know I have one, but couldn't find it, so perhaps it's just in my head),

Paris Locks

Along the Cinque Terre in Luguria, Italy...
Cinque Terre Locks

Cinque Terre Locks

And the kit... Ode to Joy by Jen Maddocks Designs debuting at Zig Zag Scraps today. 

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