Wednesday, November 16, 2011

eBooking Orvieto & Padova

Now that I am done with scrapping Orvieto and Padova, I thought I would put together a quick book and see if I could add up some discount codes to make it a good deal. 
As it turns out, I wasn't able to add up the codes, but I can still share the book and save it for another discount day. 
Only had to put together a few additional pages, a title page, of me sitting on the wall overlooking the countryside...
Orvieto Title Page 

... and front and back covers, which were just modifications of existing pages. I do hope I can a good discount, as this looks so yummy and colorful!
Orvieto Cover Padova Back Cover
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  1. What a beautiful photo of you! I wanted to let you know that I saw a commercial with someone doing a mosaic and thought instantly of you!