Friday, November 11, 2011

Critters at the Creek

There is often entertainment, aka distractions, right outside my big picture window.  Yesterday it was provided by the birds, the big birds.  I love to watch the big birds of prey, they are so majestic and confident looking, like this big Cooper's Hawk that landed on the back fence for a look around the hillside.

Hawk Nov10

He stayed for quite a while, moving from place to place along the back fence. Hawk Nov10

But then the crows got wind of him. The crows seem to hate the hawks. Well, the crows seem to hate everyone. Whenever I hear a crow ruckus, there is bound to be another creature in the area, so they are a good alarm for wildlife sightings. They circled and charged and squawked until the hawk got tired of it all and flew away. Here is one feeling quite satisfied with himself, having secured the area as a crow-zone.
Crow Nov 10 

Determined to stay out of the fray, this little guy is practicing the credo, "if I don't move, no one will see me".
Squirrel Nov 10

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