Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CopyCat Grasses

Created for the November copycat challenge at Oscraps, this simple picture of the grassy hill at the back side of the 3rd hole has me smitten.  I just love the form of the fading and flattened grasses, and the upright purple spikes of something that I think  is lavender, although I am not sure.  The combination of browns and purples is just lovely and so soothing.

Grasses Nov copycat

The template provided by Oscraps already had many of the little squares merged so all I needed to do was clip an enlarged and repeated photo in, with some papers in the additional squares.
The background is a merge of papers from Maya de Groot's Backpackers 2, which lended the lovely purples and blues, and Terra Toni, which is mostly about brown, but has the wonderful herringbone texture that I was able to blend on top.

The bird, branch, paint splotches and 100% Natural word art are also from Maya's Terra Toni.

Added to the background are some art strokes,  brushing and bokah from Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Album, a few flower accents from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Find My Way 2, Anna's free Fall Word Art, and Anna Aspnes Script Tease Learn 1 overlay.

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