Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cheery-O at Oscraps

It has always been important to me to be involved with a community of like-minded individuals...feel like I have said that before, perhaps right here, but still true.

There are so many digital scrapbooking sites and communities out there it is overwhelming.  I started out and learned so much at Jessica Sprague, I love all the people and challenges at Design House Digital, although I haven't visited in a while, I loved the speed scraps at Scrap Matters, and find so many beautiful things at Designer Digitals.  Then there are some new sites I've been enjoying, Plain Digital Wrapper and Zig Zag Scraps.

But I have find my home, and it is at the "O", as in Oscraps.

I've talked about Oscraps lots, since that is where the sweet and talented Maya de Groot sells her designs.  Maya is kind and generous enough to have me on her Creative Team.

And now I have become a part of the Oscraps big creative team, the Cheery-O's.
I love that name, and I love the "O"!

Here is my new Cheery-O avatar.  This, my favorite picture, is the one Yvonne took of me at Claire's when we all went for new piercings for Laura and Laura, and I busied myself with trying on hats and glasses.

The background is from Maya de Groot's Terra Toni kit, and the frame provided by Oscraps.
Cheery-O Avatar 

I have to once again admit I am not a big fan of blinkies...I am convinced these kinds of things give one headaches, but it is the thing to do in the scrapbiz, and it is awfully cute, my Oscraps Cheery-O blinkie.
Oscraps CheeryO Blinkie

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