Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend at the Artsy Craftsy's

It's funny, I don't feel like a did a lot this weekend.  Good thing I take so many pictures!

First, the painting of the back fence.  Strictly speaking, all I had to do was call The Painter and verify the color and sheen with the homeowner's association (who did not know anything about the sheen, and provides a color number that only works at a certain store, only they don't tell you that...ok, enough on THAT subject).

Mr. AC had a LOT of prep work to do to enable the painting, taking down years worth of overgrown bushes and weeds to expose the fence, and more of the view!

The Painter & His Assistant did a fabulous job of knocking it off on Saturday.  I like this picture because it shows the before and after color (that's how much fading occurs with 13+ years of neglect), as well as the fall colors on the trees and the view of the somewhat smoggy but beautiful Silicon Valley.

Then there was some baking and cooking going on. Ever since I downloaded my free copy of the Pumpkin Cookbook on my Kindle, I was keen to do some pumpkin cooking.  I like to use the Kindle app on my iPad to view recipes in the kitchen.
Pumpkin Recipe

These Harvest Loaves, made with pumpkin, cranberries and nuts, are delicious!  
Made an extra loaf to bring to lunch at Ms. AC's on Sunday.
Harvest Loaves

Harvest Loaf

Although I still have some last-minute details to complete, I worked on my Halloween costume. No, I'm not going anywhere, and I don't even like to answer the door to the trick or treaters, but I like making stuff, and am pleased with my hat and beard (still working on those eyebrows).
Gnome Costume

While browsing through JoAnns on Saturday, I came across this huge skein or pretty yellow and white cotton kitchen yarn. I just love cotton kitchen yarn, and as it was NOT on sale, I could use a coupon! This is the start of some kitchen cloths...don't know if I will use them as such, as this is SO pretty, but I will enjoy making them.
Cotton Crochet

A new member of the gnome family arrived this weekend, a Tom Clark gnome called Birdie. He popped up into my recommendations on eBay while I was looking for gnome costumes, beards and hats. He is going to be an inside gnome, but he needed an airing out, as I did not think to check whether he was from a smoke-free home (the issue was more in the packaging...he was cleared to come inside today).
Tom Clark Birdie Gnome

Ms. AC celebrated the Halloween weekend as a pumpkin...which gave me an excuse to play with my newly-acquired Photoshop Instagram skills, especially since the messaged phone photo was pretty dark and blurry.
Megan Pumpkin 

Phew...all that, and there aren't even any pictures of golf, progress on my double wedding ring quilt, priming of the birdhouses (more on this soon!), lunch with Ms AC & That-Sam-I-Am, a perfectly timed catch of Twilight on TV, and the start of another round of watching the Harry Potter movies in prep for our trip to Harry Potter world at Christmas. 

Just another weekend at the Artsy Craftsy house.

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