Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 41 & An AnnaLift

Right on the heels of Week 40, I have completed a single page for Week 41, which pretty much catches me up!  The impetus to get it done quickly was provided by the next AnnaLift at Oscraps.

I chose this layout by Anna, since the opportunity to use it for a weekly was immediately obvious, with 6 photos, and knowing it is easy enough to plop one more into the background.

I am often drawn to rounded corner photo mats.  I remember there was a time I didn't know how to make them, then learned they are a very simple option in the Photoshop shape tool.

Anna's layout has stitching around the edges of the photos, which I toyed with, but ended up using a simple keyline in each photo.

Here is a mini tutorial on how to get this effect:
This is done by adding a new layer on top of the mat+photo, and while the new layer is highlighted in the layers palette, Ctrl-click on the mat layer, which will put marching ants around the mat.  At the top, go to Select > Modify > Contract, and enter 30 pixels.  This will shrink the marching ant selection  30 pixels from the edge.
Then go to Edit > Stroke and select a color and size, I used 10 pixels, for the stroke.  I chose a slightly different color for each keyline to accent the photo.  If you wanted to make this into faux-stitching you could use an eraser brush, but that was more than I had the patience for, plus I like this solid look.

Although I have been doing multi-page layouts for the last several weeks, I liked the fact that my photos from Week 41, October 9-15, divided pretty well into three crafty photos, my wreath, the Great Wall of China, and the paper mums, and three flora and fauna photos, with the wonderful photo of the pampas grass on the 17th hole, the beautiful red rose from the house on the corner of Arezzo, and, ok, perhaps fauna is a stretch, but the center photo is from the GI Joe conference room at work.

The last photo, from our late lunch/early dinner at GrubStake in San Francisco, was perfect as a background photo, being slightly different in subject matter from the other six.
Week 41 
Credits: This uses Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Strawberry Preserves, Seafoam, Poppy, Artsy Layered template No 33 and FotoBlenz Template No 1A, Script Tease Overlay.

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  1. Wow!!! I LOVE this! Makes me want to get back to work on my digital scrapping! I sure would love it if you would create a button to grab for yourself!!!