Sunday, October 9, 2011

Speed Scrapping in the Snow

OK, it should be speed scrapping the snow, not "in" the snow, but my blog, I get to write what I want.  The parts about the speed scrapping and the snow are both true.

Last night I participated in a speed scrap at Design House Digital.  It's been months since I've done a speed scrap, such a fun way to get a scrapbook page done in an hour or just slightly more.

The instructions for the speed scraps at Design House Digital are very specific.  None of this, "put a flower on your page", but more like:
"On the left-hand side vertical edge of your solid rectangle, add your tab-style tag. The tag is also vertical, centered on the edge, and sits on top of the rectangle (not tucked underneath). Use your stitching, staple, etc. to “fasten” your tag – add a date for your layout."
So part of the challenge is to very carefully read and follow the instructions, but then make the layout your own.
I used a photo that Tod sent from Kirkwood, of thistles looking sad and shocked in the first icy snow of the season.  And here is what I did with the photo and the instructions.  I am not a fan of a teeny tiny photo on a 12" page, so I added the photo again on top of the patterned background paper, blending it as an overlay to get a wonderful purple glow, and making all background layers and the phto slightly transparent to get lots of brushes and textures showing through.

Given more time, I would have put more thought into the elements used, but I was so tired after my day of morning tiling, 9 holes of golf, pumpkin shopping, afternoon tiling, that I decided to throw the requisite 8 elements in place and call it a scrapping night.

DHD Speed Scrap Thistles
Credits - all kits from Design House Digital: 
Jen Allyson Vanity Fair 
Agnes Biro Balance 
Agnes Biro Abandoned Office 
Karen Funk Butterfly Kisses

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