Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Saturday in Pictures

What did I do before I had a picture-taking phone??  Was I forced to forget all the things which provided fun and inspiration??  Well, how glad I am that now every moment can be captured.

Like trying on this adorable Pendleton dress.  No, I didn't buy it...price was a bit too steep, but how cute is it?  I also did not buy the bird and butterfly pin-whale cute, but the fit was just not quite right.  Thanks, Anthropologie, I had fun trying on these cute dresses, got cute pictures, and it didn't cost me anything! (At least not this time).

Pendleton at Anthropologie Pendleton at Anthro
Or, having a blackberry basil iced-tea at Pizza Antica, so what that we had to wait an hour for a table was worth it...

At Pizza Antica

or, the beautiful window displays at Free People, along with the lovely store and clothes.

Free People Window Free People Window

Unfortunately, I did not get out of this store without a swipe of the card, but heck, since those dresses didn't work, I need something to wear for Thanksgiving!

and, having lunch with Megan...priceless!
At Pizza Antica

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