Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PIQF Highlights

PIQF, the Pacific International Quilt Festival...I first attended nearly 20 years ago, when it was held at a hotel in Burlingame, and I was just discovering quilting.  Then I attended for many years thereafter, religiously, even when it moved to Pasadena that one year.  That was the year I met Pat Yamin, Pat the quilter.

It came to be such an important part of my quilting business, entering quilts in the show, working at booths in the show, and finally having my own booth at the show.

It's funny how things have come around, to where I am once again a spectator.  Able to just look with my eyes and feel inspired and not have to evaluate everything as a business opportunity.

I enjoyed that very much.

And here are the highlights...
A winning quilt, intricately pieced and magnificently quilted, with sparkly things on it.  That seems to be the norm for winning quilts these days.

PIQF  Winning Quilt

Another winning quilt, a impeccably executed portrait in fiber.
PIQF Audrey Quilt

Quilts made by a dear friend.  I remember when I first started teaching her quilting.  How far she has come, and how I loved seeing these special quilts.
PIQF Felicia 1

PIQF Felicia 2 

A theme quilt about time, using some of my favorite imagery from Alice in Wonderland.
PIQF Alice Quilt

A fun quilt about coming of age, I loved the colors and execution.
PIQF Japanese Quilt

A sculpture of beautiful pearly buttons.
PIQF Curvaceous Buttons

Wonderful realism rendered in fabirc.

A story of patience and bonding, a story of 1000 cranes.
PIQF Thousand Cranes

I am anxious to do some sewing some time soon!

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