Friday, October 21, 2011

Over & Grout

I wish to report that grouting is complete on The Great Wall of China.  Yes, the Great Wall of China is the same as the Big Mosaic Project.  I like to name things.

There is still a bit to be done...checking the grouting, making sure there are no holes or missed spots, fixing any holes or missed sports, cleaning any grout off the tiles, cleaning the grout off the ground where I neglected to cover the ground, putting all the supplies away, and sealing the grout.

But other than all that, it is done.  I'm prety happy with the choice of Silver Shadow as the grout color, although I could have stood a wee bit more contrast.

It's hard to get an impressive picture of the whole thing since it's so large.
Mosaic Wall

But here is the left...
Mosaic Wall Left

the middle...
Mosaic Wall Middle

and the right.
Mosaic Wall Right 

All in all, I am pretty proud of it!
It would be fun to know how many pieces of glass, china and ceramic are in this creation.  Care to hazard a guess??

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  1. Love your work. I also like the fact that there are other projects involving art in some way you like to do.

    My first words were wow "Someone just like me!!!

    Keep up the great work you do.