Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Reflections

I love reflections photos, and haven't had occasion to take any in a while.  Last week I tried taking a couple of reflections in the pool and spa, and got some really nice results!  I think they look quite Monetian!

Pool October 2011 Spa October 2011

I decided to use one of the photos for a Web Inspiration challenge at Oscraps.   The challenge photo was a lovely shadowy fall scene, with Halloween decorations in the foreground.  So I used a background/foreground concept to place the reflection photo in the back (turned 180 degrees) with another more focused photo, of some of the last of the Rose of Sharon blossoms in front of the fall foliage that shows through the back fence.

The "Reflections" word art is simply the word typed out using the TrueType font Porcelain, then repeated, flipped vertically, with the opacity adjusted down to 30%.  I tried rasterizing the reflected title and applying a Gaussian blur, but that made it blurry :-)

Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Autumnal 2 and Seafoam, Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Album, Anna Aspnes Fall Wordart overlay, Jen Maddocks Enchanted

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