Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mosaically Complete

Last night, not quite before it got dark, the tiling was completed on the Big Mosaic Project!

At least I think so. Sometime later today I will inspect the whole thing and check for any half inch left untiled. I started tiling on September 20th, finished on October 11th, working an hour here, an hour there, and a few stretches of too-long 3-4 hour sessions. But ignoring the pains in my body from so much bending and squatting and mortar mixing and cut fingers from handling sharp objects (yes, I wore gloves, and wore holes in two sets during the course of the weeks), it was so much fun!

And look, it's magnificent!
Mosaic Tues 1011 Complete

So many gold rimmed china tiles, combined with mirror tiles and iridescent, all curved in wonderful organic shapes.
Mosaic Closeup Left

The center focal is a lovely stained glass rose that I bought at Mendels Far Out Fabrics in San Francisco (we must go back there some time), surrounded by ceramic leaves, mirrors and china.
Mosaic Closeup Middle

And some of the final placed pieces were blue gems that have been sitting in my back yard.  Down at the very bottom, some "found objects" - the red tile something Megan found and brought me, and the peach tile found on the street in Amsterdam.
Mosaic Closeup Right 

Next...the grouting!

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