Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Devil is in the Mosaic Details

As with many big projects, you get 90% done in 2 weeks, then spend the next however many weeks working at the finishing details.  It doesn't help that the winter rains have started, so all supplies must be put away each time I work.

Come back, warm sunny weather, so I can finish the Big Mosaic Project!

In tonight's cold rain, I managed a little section at the bottom left corner: Mosaic Wed 105 Left Corner

and a little section in the bottom middle:
Mosaic Wed 105  Middle
Both of these sections use plates that I cut, still with the $1.00 Goodwill stickers on them. Where was that Goodwill store?? I think it was the one in Oakland? Or maybe in the Haight? Well now these $1 plates are cut and on the wall of the Big Mosaic Project.
I worried, and will continue to worry, that they are too plain, with just the touches of blue around the edges, but I am hoping with the colored grout, these white sections will look OK. 
Oh and that peach tile!   That's one of several tiles I picked from the trash outside a house on the streets of Amsterdam.  There was a whole bucket of tiles, and oh I wanted to take them all, but that would have been heavy in my suitcase, so I only grabbed a couple, and now they are part of the wall!

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