Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crafty Flop and Banner Revival

My weekend pumpkin crafting project was, unfortunately, a complete flop.I've seen many cute pumpkins made from books, and somehow, stupidly, I thought I could make one from a phone book.

Don't try this at home...it doesn't work!

I grabbed a random piece of cardboard and drew a pumpkin shape.
Then I traced the shape onto the phone book pages and cut out a few pages at a time. 
It made a bit of a mess, cutting up the pages, but it didn't take all that long, and I did it while simultaneously doing other things. I loved the way it came out, shape wise, and was excited about painting it orange.
But alas, it would not even begin to stand :-(  So my crafty pumpkin from a book project was a flop.  I haven't tossed it in the recycle bin yet, hoping some brilliant idea will come to me to save this and turn it into a pumpkin.

It was fairly craftily depressed about this, and needed a pick-me-up.  I've been wanting to find the crafty fall banner I made several years ago.  That was the year we decided to spend Thanksgiving at Kirkwood.  We'd done that the previous year and it was so fun, especially when we woke up to a fresh blanket of snow on Thanksgiving morning.

The second year tradition of thanksgiving at Kirkwood involved additional people, some of whom were reluctant, because there wouldn't be sufficient decorations at Kirkwood to make it look like Thanksgiving.  So I made some trips to JoAnns and rummaged through my fabric to make a fall banner.  We brought a tablecloth, some mini pumpkins, faux fall foliage, and the banner, and decorated the place festively.  Then the banner came home, got put with the fabric, and when we moved, who knows where it went.

I looked around for it last weekend but didn't find it.  But with Mr. Artsy Craftsy's help to remove some bins from my sewing room closet, I found the banner.  And hung it on my fireplace, after first locating the stocking holders in the hall closet with the Christmas decorations, and only a tiny accident of a stuck foot, lost balance and a scraped shoulder.  The things I do for crafting!

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