Monday, October 10, 2011

Crafting with Numerical Analysis

Finally, I have been able to put my numerical analysis to good use!

Way back when I first worked for IBM in the early 80's, they had an onsite video-based education program with the University of Maryland. It might have been free, I don't remember, but certainly it was convenient, one sinply attended the live video sessions from a specially equipped room at the IBM facility. I thought it might be good to get a second masters degree in Computer Science, and so I took some courses, one of which was Introduction to Numerical Analysis. 
Well, it didn't take me long to discover that despite my love of physics, computer science was not for me. And so the textbook has not been of much use to me, until this weekend. First, I had to dig it out of the storage closet in the small garage, which involved moving a bunch of stuff (which reminds me, I must put all that stuff back in the garage before Tod sees it). Numerical Analysis book 
A quick review reminded me this stuff is just not for me anymore (if it ever was?). 
Numerical Analysis book pages 
The beginning of repurposing...sorry, book preservation lovers, honestly, this is the best use for this book).
book cut open 
Pages turned into paper cones, done pretty quickly and easily in front of the TV.
paper cones 
Paper cones mounted onto circles on cardboard with hot glue, and I only burned my already-sore from mosaic fingers about 20 times 
cones on cardboard 
Almost done with the two outer circles, only the inner circle to be done.
cones almost done 
Done! This awesome book paper cone wreath is hanging proudly on the front door! 
wreath closeup
I sprayed it with Latte Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels, and added some Ranger copper and barn door stickles on the edges for some extra color. Used a branch of silk leaves in the center, some metallic ribbon glued to the back of the box for hanging. wreath on door
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks on my front door, and am anxious to make another with more red color for Christmas.
front decor
I found references to book paper wreaths on many crafty blogs, but this is where I got the definite information.
And it was this video which explained it all step by step, although I had trouble getting the cone-making takes practice, and a little knowledge of physics, to get it right :-)


  1. wow, thats really AMAZING!!!

  2. This wreath looks great! I need a new one for Christmas so this gives me some great ideas!