Monday, October 17, 2011

Cover Girl Quilt

It was last July that I finished and sent off my Spooling Around quilt, made for my friend Pat Yamin of Come Quilt With Me.

Yesterday, at the Pacific International Quilt Festival, I was able to see the result.  Not only is my quilt in the book, but it was selected by the publishers as the cover quilt!

Two Patch Book

The book is beautiful! Fresh off the press with that wonderful ink smell I love so much, crisp and colorful and full of wonderful quilts.  The inside covers have a fun pink and white version of the spools quilt.

Two Patch Book Inside Cover

I wouldn't want a copy if not signed by the warmest and most wonderful quilter one could ever meet, I treasure this, dear Pat.
Two Patch Book Autograph

And there on page 100, the quilt again, with the simple and wonderfully written (not by me) instructions for making this quilt.
Two Patch Book Page 

Two Patch Scrap Quilts is a beautiful book by Pat Yamin, published by AQS Publishing. 
It includes the templates and instructions for 21 two-patch quilts. Pat also sells the acrylic templates for all these two-patches, making the cutting and sewing a breeze. I've made many of Pat's quilts with her templates and she makes the most difficult quilts, with curves and set-in seams, quite easily doable. But more impressive than the instructions are the beautifully photographed quilts. I enjoy just leafing through the book over and over, gazing at how wonderfully diverse can be quilts made with just two different shapes. For the more advanced or comfortable quilter, some of the shapes can be rotary cut without templates, for example the Spinning Spools quilt is made with a 4 1/2" center square. But I also like the slots/dots on the templates, which help enormously with set-in seams, indicating exactly where to start and stop sewing. I also love the simple tables with instructions, which include three different sizes for each quilt, so at a glance one can see the yardage needed for each quilt. But for me the true charm of these types of quilts is digging into the scrap bag, finding pieces big enough to cover the templates, and making scrappy quilts the "new" old-fashioned way, with old scraps and new tools.
I expect to try many of the quilts in this lovely book.

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