Sunday, October 2, 2011

AnnaLift 9/29 Grasses in the Sun

This week's Anna Aspnes scraplift was a little later than the last two.  Firstly because the Big Mosaic Project is taking so much of the daylight hours, that is when I am not working, but also because I was not sure at first what I would do with this lift.

I decided what I liked best was the blocking, and Vivre was kind enough to even provide a blocking quick page from which I was able to quickly copy and recreate the rounded corner blocking layers. I also liked the subject matter, fall or nature.

On Friday when we played golf, I could not help but notice and comment on how beautiful it was out there, with temperatures down from last week's 90's into more comfortable 70's, and the lower angles of the sun making it feel less like I was baking and boiling out there.

When we got to the 9th hole, we had to wait a bit, and as I looked up at the lovely pampas grasses, they had the sunlight behind them and well, looked beautiful, so I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped.

AnnaLift 0930 Grasses
Anna Aspnes - Fall Word Art, Magic FotoBlenz Album, ArtPlay Palette Find My Way, Special One and Barren Sunrise, Portal Art Prints No 3.
Jen Maddocks Designs Venerable (leaf)
Mary Ann Wise brushes

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