Sunday, October 30, 2011

Almost Done with Orvieto

Getting to the last of the photos selected for the must-include-in-Europe-scrapbook list.
I can never resist taking these shots of streets and alleys in hill towns, and ordinary villagers going about their business.  This town made such an impression on me, which I get to relive when I open the photos in Photoshop and think about how to arrange them to tell a story.  Not may words necessary here, this is simply a story of wandering up and down the hill, in and out of the streets and alleys, wondering what is around the next turn, behind the shutters and doors, behind the windows.

Orvieto 8a Wandering

And this is the story of being in a hilltown in the morning as it wakes.  Journaling reads:
Many people visit the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria in a flash, coming in on a quick tour, walking the streets, poking into the shops, having a quick meal, then catching the bus.  If that’s all one has time for, it is worthwhile.  But there is nothing like the specialness of waking up in a hill town, watching the town wake, the people come out, opening their doors and windows and shops to another day, a day hopefully filled with tourists, but also filled with the life of the town, time to do some quick errands, time to catch up with the neighbors, life goes on in these tiny villages, perhaps oblivious to just how special it all is.  How special is the morning in a hill town.
Orvieto 8b Morning 
Credits: Template is a combo of Anna Aspnes Project 2011 template #4 and Magic FotoBlenz Template 7, plus Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Saffron Villa and Special One, Anna Aspnes Travel Word Art and Jen Maddocks Tell Your Story.

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  1. Wow,this place looks AMAZING..."Waking up in a hillside town" sounds wonderful!!Hugs,Cat