Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 36 Scrapped

Still managing to keep up with my weekly layouts of my photos of the day, here is Week 36, Sept 4-10.
The plumeria is growing leaves like crazy, but I still don't see any flower shoots.  The lovely purple grasses sway in the afternoon breezes as we play golf.

Peppers are appearing in abundance at the Farmer's Market, funny things appear on the lawn at work, I had that spot taken off my leg, and the sun is setting earlier.

Week 36 Left Week 36 Right

Week 36 Left

Week 36 Right

Credits - Anna Aspnes Artsy Template No 19, FotoBlenz Template No 11, ArtPlay Palettes Seafoam, Special One, Find My Way & Barren Sunrise, and Portal Art Prints.

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